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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection In a marketplace where money means power, individuals and small businesses often get treated unfairly. When a business doesn’t deliver what it advertised, or doesn’t take back a product that doesn’t work, it can feel like there is nothing you can do about it. They have your money and won’t give it back or fix the problem.

这就是为什么已经制定了法律来防止这些滥用和持有银行, 保险公司和大企业对他们在市场上的行为负责. The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, General Laws chapter 93A, 为ca88提供了一个强有力的理由,让企业为不公平的行为负责. 它允许我方起诉贵方损害赔偿,并让被告支付我方的费用和所有诉讼费用. 如果法官发现不公平的做法是“故意的或明知的”或“恶意的”违反, we can be awarded up to triple your actual damages as a penalty.

Most products come with a specific warranty, but sometimes the seller or manufacturer refuses to honor it. All products come with a “warranty of merchantability.” Basically, 这意味着产品的性能必须和消费者预期的一样好,使用时间也必须和消费者预期的一样长. This is all part of a law called the “Uniform Commercial Code.” But some products don’t meet those expectations. Sometimes cars may have defects that the dealers don’t fix, despite repeated visits to the service department. There is a special law for that, called the “Lemon Law.这些只是一名消费者保护ca88需要了解的众多法律中的一小部分.

The law also requires that insurance companies treat you fairly. Sometimes they do not. 有时,他们利用自己的经济实力,让你束手无策. 他们可能会拒绝支付有效的索赔或试图支付你少于他们应该. 《ca88首页》第176D章列出了一长串针对此类恶意保险行为的权利和保护,并允许ca88使用第93A章的程序来起诉保险公司,要求其赔偿三倍的损失, costs and attorneys’ fees.

这些法律也有必须遵守的具体详细的程序要求,否则你可能会失去有效的索赔. 必须满足一定的标准才能充分满足诉讼前的要求, 被告经常质疑需求是否充足. Other time limits must be observed. 你需要一个有这类诉讼经验的ca88.

这些法律还要求企业公平对待彼此,不从事不公平或欺骗性的商业交易. But big businesses do not always do that. 有时,他们利用自己的经济实力来对付小企业和个人独资企业. 他们可能会拒绝支付服务费用、履行合同或更换有缺陷的产品. The laws that protect you from this unfair treatment are complex. You don’t have to be an expert, 你只需要确保你有一个经验丰富的ca88,可以为你导航系统. At KJC Law Firm, we recognize that small business is not big business, with its economic might and an army of lawyers to protect it. Small business is people, people who are vulnerable to the might of big business, the government, or insurance companies. 就像法律一样,ca88在这里是为了保护人们的个人和商业生活.

ca88首页的ca88在运用这些法律帮助消费者和小企业方面有着丰富的经验. ca88帮助那些被出售抵押贷款的人,他们确实无法负担, 谁买了没有发挥应有作用的产品, or who have been the victim of unscrupulous business practices. ca88帮助一名受伤的钢铁工人获得了300万美元的人身伤害判决,并从一家保险公司获得了400万美元的惩罚性赔偿,因为该保险公司未能妥善处理他的索赔要求. ca88为另一起保险欺诈案件的客户争取到了五百万的和解金, and we used the threat of such a claim to obtain a $9.9 million settlement in a personal injury case.

We use the strength of these laws to even up the scales, 给ca88的客户同等的权力来对付那些滥用其经济实力的人. We work not only to recover your losses, 但要确保ca88追回它们的费用由被告支付, 并为你获得额外的损害赔偿作为对作恶者的惩罚.

如果你或你的家庭成员或你的企业有产品问题或有企业拒绝履行保修, or had a claim denied or undervalued by an insurance company, call KJC Law Firm for a free consultation. ca88会告诉你是否有理由,并帮助你得到你应得的赔偿. 新昌ca88事务所的消费者保护ca88具有90多年的重大案件诉讼经验. ca88首页代表马萨诸塞州各个社区的受伤人员, including the Greater Boston area, Cambridge, Metrowest, Cape Cod, Fall River, Lowell, Worcester and Springfield.

Client Reviews
ca88想再次感谢你为ca88所做的一切以及你在这场磨难中的支持. You did a great job for us and we truly appreciate it. We wish you well always. Dot and Alex
ca88非常高兴地选择了凯西·乔·库克作为ca88的ca88. 她将经验、知识和同情心融入到复杂的法律程序中. 无论白天黑夜,库克ca88总是有时间与ca88交谈并回答ca88的任何问题. We highly recommend her. Christopher & Mary Casella
ca88首页处理了我的案子,我对结果非常满意. The Team there always returned my calls or emails quickly. 他们非常直接、坦率地表达了他们对案件发展的看法,以及最好的处理方式. 我一定会再次打电话给他们,如果我需要他们的帮助,我会向其他人高度推荐他们. J G.
ca88事务所为我和另一个人代理了一起与工作有关的年龄歧视案件,并成功地获得了对ca88有利的解决方案. Couldn't be happier with the results and the representation. Mike K.
I have worked with Kathy Jo Cook for over a decade. 她代理过我的私人事务和职业事务,每次都给我150%的报酬. Kathy Jo is hardworking and always has my best interests in mind. 她既专业又可靠,即使在下班时间也能随时联系到她. 凯西在许多法律领域都有专业知识,在处理客户事务时非常公正和有道德. ca88每次都取得了有利的结果,让我享受到更多的快乐, health and success in my life. Mindy
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